Sangita – आज फिर शुरू हुआ जीवन

At 18,  I was a shy girl. Extremely introvert, I was petrified of public speaking . It was she who insisted I go on the stage and give “Vote of Thanks” in one of the Rotract club event.  “Not doing it is not an option” she admonished. That was the beginning and Sangita has been my friend and mentor ever since. Continue reading Sangita – आज फिर शुरू हुआ जीवन


Sunset at Ambazari lake Oct, 1991
Sunset - October, 1991

A long time ago, there was a young girl, in love with a boy who said he loved her but can not marry her for reasons not known. The girl was sad, disappointed and angry at being rejected and knew she must learn to deal with it. It was one evening in the month of October she stood on the lakeside and wrote these words…

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-26

Review: Barah Anna – Worth every Anna.

Barah Aana

Monday evening on my way back from the opthal, on an impulse we were browsing music when we came across the DVD of “Barah Aana” – Naseeruddin Shah as one of the lead actors definitely helped our decision to pick it up.  We settled to watch the movie post dinner and quiet liked the turns the movie takes. That it had no songs was a big plus. Naseeruddin Shah as usual was superb but so were the other two actors, Arjun Mathur and Vijay Raaz.

Small plot, fast pace, a 97 minute movie – works well for a working day evening watch. Continue reading Review: Barah Anna – Worth every Anna.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19

कभी न सोचा था प्यार बाँटा तो दर्द पाऊँगी

Shared Love

कभी न सोचा था प्यार बाँटा
तो दर्द पाऊँगी

कभी न सोचा था कि दर्द होगा तो इतना
कि उसे न बाँट पाऊँगी

वक्त लगता है संभलने में मगर
यकीं है मुझे कि संभल जाऊँगी

कुछ आँसूं कुछ मोती

Sangita is a friend who shares my love for poetry and was one of the very few readers of my early writings. When she visited my site yesterday, she wanted to know as to why have I not published any of my new Hindi poetry here – I promised her I will and here it is –

अपने रिसते हुए घावों की तरफ मत देखो
उनके बहते हुए मोती समेटो पहले

वो टपके तो ये जख्म तारी होंगे
वो डूबे तो ले डूबेंगे सब कुछ

दर्द की तराशी हुइ है यह जिन्दगी
कुछ और दुख से न बिखर जाएगी

उनका दर्द कर सको तो कम कर लो
उनकी मुस्कुराहटों से ये जीस्त बहल जाएगी