What is this world coming to?

enlightened me on this Powell to take up Indo-Pak issue after Iraq
Fears of my son and coming true?
Somehow I feel we as a country are bigger and can hold US and its allies from doing this to us – we have also learnt our lessons from history, but bombs are not the only weapons of war. India has to be very careful. How much our politicians understand it is anybody’s guess.

Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself – Khalil Gibran

A while ago, I was watching news on TV with Aasim

Aasim: Mom, when will the war get over?
Me: I dont know, Son.
Aasim: I know, it will get over when the US gets defeated
Me: The US might not get defeated, Son.
Aasim: Why?
Me: Because their army is big
Aasim: Then why doesnt India help Iraq? – If US wins the war on Iraq it will take all the petrol there and then come to India and attack us.

This is what a child of 5 thinks. Aasim is very aware of things happening around the world and I am sure, so are other 5 year olds today.. …

Quack!! Quake III

Sat on Aasims machine today – started playing Quake III JLT only to find both the boys telling me over my shoulders what to do… “Mamma, that’s not the way to play, look up look up look up, shoot shoot kill him KILL HIM”
“sweetheart, look straight, press the trigger, run straight…. ”
I could sit there for barely 5 minutes before Aasim took over and started playing at a much higher level (hurt me plenty) and in the supposedly a much more difficult arena (in the longest yard) than i was… My boy plays the game real well and says mom you *have* to learn !! (just like i was telling him 15 minutes back you *have* to learn maths)
His father is mighty pleased i must say.. 🙂

Cricket and war

Australian innings were too good to hold my breath any longer.. They gave us a target that looks impossible to achieve… so once again it seems our players will return empty handed.

Cricket did manage to shift our attentions from the news channels though. But (wonder who it is) is giving a pretty accurate and seemingly first hand account of the war.