Trust or no trust


Its not only makes business sense to start a relationship basing on the premise of *not* trusting an individual – it also makes a lot of sense in social relationships.

Not trusting to me is an act of self preservation. For me, in any In a transaction or a relationship, I have to know where I stand. I also need to know where to place my stop loss and when to increase it or let it go – For this I need to start with a -ve balance of trust and let it grow.. if it crosses the line and starts creeping towards the +ive, I know I can invest more.

This has always been my basis of any transaction and I feel it will be true for most people who value themselves and till date most of the relationship that matter to me have a positive balance.

Power walking into shape

This is what I found out today:

Optimal heart rate for maximum calorie burning

220 – (your age) *.70 = your heart rate which should be maintained for maximum calorie burning while you exercise.

Talking your heart rate above the optimum will burn glucose (will keep heart fit but wont burn fat) and keeping it below.. well the less said the better 🙂

I realised over past one month, I changed my walking path and instead of loosing weight I ended up gaining a KG. Reason – the new walking route had more traffic and I had to walk slower but longer… Then to make up for that I jogged in the ground – that burnt the glucose – my stamina increased but fat.. fat did not go away – perhaps some more of it got accumulated thanks to my allergies (that made me eat more to feel better) and the wedding I attended followed by Id.

So from today onwards, I am on to a new exercise regime.. Will see the changes and record it in this journal after a month.

Sid Carter on way to Nagpur

18 Feb 2003 06:48:11 – 14MNVT5 to houston – resetting communication – public key encryption engaged – successful ignition

18 Feb 2003 11:14:41 – 14MNVT5 to houston – all systems stable and functional
18 Feb 2003 11:19:18 – 14MNVT5 to houston – request docking co-ordinates

Confirm Position :

18 Feb 2003 11:24:20 – 14MNVT5 to houston – at adilabad 190 kms and counting.

Reach vicinity, will guide you in manual mode

18 Feb 2003 13:50:30 – 14MNVT5 to houston – – 70 kms and counting.
18 Feb 2003 13:55:13 – 14MNVT5 to houston – ETA 1515 to 1530

18 Feb 2003 15:05:30 Just got a call – walking down to get Sid Carter home

18 Feb 2003 15:50:38 : Sid approaching

Someone lend Sid Carter a Helmet!

God knows how he manged it BUT Sid Carter has lost his helmet and intends to do Hyderabad-Nagpur run tommorow without one.

Anyone in Hyderabad reading this please lend him a helmet as he was unable to buy one, today being Sunday.

Everyone else – just SMS him and tell him not to drive without a helmet

Sid Carter on Highway

14th Feb 2003 06:11:41 – 14MNVT5 to Houston – Succesful ignition

14th Feb 2003 10:09:10 – 14MNVT5 to Houston – Status report – On Course. All systems stable and functional.

Keep watching this space for further updates

14th Feb 2003 13:56:01 – 14MNVT5 to Houston – Status report – 140Kms to go and counting – Taking lunch break

14th Feb 2003 16:55:18 – 14MNVT5 to Houston – Successfully docked with space station 1. Clearing communication. Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂