Wasting time needlessly

Been trying to get the lj client running for my linux machine.. Downloaded the client Found out it needs curl 7.9 Downloaded curl 7.9 it tells me libcurl.so.2 is needed. Realised it is faster to make a journal entry (for those who prefer calling events, experiences, and observations – a diary entry) from the LJ site itself!!

Bottom line – not to waste time when the deadline for submitting the year’s accounts to the CA was yesterday

Random Thots

Days pass by so quickly… Next month it will be eight years to our marriage and it still seems like yesterday.

Financial year ending means so much work

Going out of station demands extra hours of work – shopping, packing, buying gifts and taking care that Aasim doesnt fall ill (100% home cooked meals No Pepsi, No Icecream)

Wow! I lost one more pound

Ah! must go back to the kitchen else everyone will have to eat burnt dinner

Desktop Dilemma

I am not a geek, I don’t use Linux as a hobby. I need it my desktop applications as any manager would. I am a power user.

I choose to use Linux because of the stability it promises to offer but every time I realise that Linux desktop is just as (un)stable as MS windows.
For almost 10 months I refused to touch the Linux desktop. After being told that things are much stable now, I picked it up again.. things were better.. but not good enough. Not good enough for Linux.

Why do I keep going back to Linux

I am back to using Yahoo messenger on Linux. It was very nice of Madhu M Kurup (person developing Yahoo client for *Nix) to chat with me and tell me that he will work on the problem I faced and told me a workaround. This is what makes me go back again and again to keep using Linux desktop.

Someone cynically told Tarique yesterday that I basically *don’t* want to shift to Linux and I will never. I would like to tell him how wrong he is, an ostrich like attitude never works there is a problem which has to be sorted out and it can be solved only if it is acknowledged.

I complain. Yes I do. I am a demanding user and Linux desktop has to satisfy users like me to be better than the more popular Windows.


Aasim today collected some wild flowers (gulmohar) and brought it for me 🙂 My son is growing up to be a fine gentleman!!

The weather today was mostly cloudy so he could play outside. He now wants rabbits as pet and Dinesh has promised to get him a couple.. wonder where will I keep them specially when we are not in town.

Saw that Tarique has scanned one of my very old photographs.. wonder what he wants to do with it.