A Sher A Day

A Sher a day is an extremely ambitious project that I have taken up. I intend to add one Urdu Sher daily in three scripts; Roman, Devanagari, and Urdu. The post will also have meanings of difficult words used in the sher along with a contemporary vignette of Urdu Poetry.

My mother-in-law, Dr.Zarina Sani had done immense work to popularise Urdu language. In this conjunction she co-complied Aaina-E-Ghazal  which was very well received.  Aaina-E-Ghazal, was one of the first books which got me deeply interested in Urdu Ghazals and language.

I hope my friends, and people all across the world will use this site. I am sure, it will enrich their lives a bit more.

I will be delighted to receive your feedback and suggestions and I will try and include the ashars suggested by you on this site.